Connie Bakos Cover Letter


1105A East Apple St, Spencer, WI 54479 | (715)659-4791 |

August 7,2018


Dear Skyoo :
I came across your ad regarding an opening for a conversations service position at your Company. My considerable experience working with customers, solving escalated issues, and maintaining strong consumer relations will enable me to be a valuable member of your team. My experience has allowed me to discover that the best tactics for working effectively with customers are to listen, address the need, and follow up to guarantee satisfaction. In my past jobs, I have been commended on more than one occasion for my ability to handle customer complaints in a way that is professional, positive, and effective. I strive to treat each customer in a way that highlights the moto and beliefs of the organization. My approach to maintaining consumer relations is comparative to the description you posted, and my skills can strengthen the consumer base Skyoo Company. Not only will I provide trustworthy, friendly, and informative customer service to the individuals I work with, but I will also uphold the company’s efforts to be professional and to solve problems creatively. I will prove my ability to be an asset by being punctual, reliable, and organized. I appreciate the time you have taken to consider my candidacy. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can contribute to the values and integrity of your Company.
Connie Bakos

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