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Communications and Marketing Specialist – Hire My Mom

Communications and Marketing Specialist


I am excited and pleased to submit my resume for your communications position. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who I am and how I am the only candidate to consider for this position. My more than eight years of experience in marketing and public relations has given me the opportunity to flex my communication and creative muscles across all platforms and to help companies develop their voice and strategy. I have a passion for creating and executing campaigns and engaging with guests/customers/clients/stakeholders online.

Throughout my career in marketing and public relations, at a theme park no less, I have been a project manager, strategic planner, website content creator, social media guru, digital advertising planner, crisis communication expert and even a goat wrangler. I was the first in a company of approximately 25 locations to build a social media presence and continue to regularly create engaging content across multiple channels. I have been the creator and protector of a company’s brand; ensuring all content and messaging is on point and on strategy.

Working in a small department with gigantic dreams has challenged me to innovate, work autonomously, juggle tasks and to figure things out, all while maintaining a cool head. Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. I have attached my resume and I look forward to speaking with you soon to address any questions you may have.


Micha Hogan

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Communications and Marketing Specialist

I specialize in developing effective content. I have over 20 years in marketing, copywriting, and content development. I’ve developed an effective process that targets and dials in potential audiences, and that connects in meaningful ways to draw audiences in and engage them.

My process is strongly researched based when it comes to copywriting and networking.

In developing effective content I conduct extensive research into “best in class” and what is currently working.

Through my research I develop a plan of networking and connecting content in order to tap into existing audience bases and draw them in to engage with the content I develop.

My research helps to dial in effective strategies and create an environment where I am able to effectively be “fishing in a barrel” versus utilizing a shotgun approach.

Would love to talk with you further about my approach.

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