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Coffee Gator Cover Letter – Hire My Mom

Coffee Gator Cover Letter

Katherine Elliott
12851 Misty Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22192

2 November 2018

Coffee Gator

Dear Helen:
I am writing in response to your job posting for the Postcard/Mail distributor position. I would make an excellent candidate with this position because as a stay at home mom, I would have a great deal of time to help print, handwrite, and send out postcards and mailers to your customers. I also have amazing penmanship and would take great care to make sure that your mailers would looked professional to show your customers how appreciated they are.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position and I eagerly awake your reply.

Katherine Elliott

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Coffee Gator cover letter

To whom it my concern:

This letter is in response to your position opening for a virtual assistant to help with letter writing.

Having been a virtual assistant for the past year, I understand the needs of a business owner and am responsive to those needs. Once a task has been defined for me, I am able to see that task to completion on the prescribed timeline.

For your specific job, my handwriting is very clear and professional. I am able to dedicate a block of time for the work if need be as well.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Becca McLelland

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Coffee Gator_Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,
I am writing today to express my interest in the freelance position you have posted for postcard and mail distribution. I am a currently a stay at home mom looking to add a couple of hours of work during the week. I believe that my experience with over 10 years of professional experience in administrative, management, and customer service positions combined with my education would serve as a valuable asset in a freelance position which requires the ability to work independently. This is also demonstrated in the fact that I have been working remotely as a property management consultant since May 2017, which I am currently doing approximately one hour per week. I also possess clean and legible handwriting which would be necessary for the task at hand. I have submitted my resume to further acquaint you with my skills and professional background.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Lisa Weaver

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