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Kristiina Craven
6043 S. Beeler St.
Denver, Co 80111

Re: CGK-Unlimited Inc. Ecommerce Customer Service Superstar

Dear Nathalie,

I’d like to be considered for the Ecommerce Customer Service Superstar position you posted on

My background varies but is strongly rooted communications and customer service:

Â¥ small business marketing, communications and business development initiatives;
Â¥ corporate client management;

Â¥ client service plan development to enhance client relationships;

Â¥ owner of a photography business and blogger

My customer service skills (I’m a people person!) have always been the key to my success. And I think great customer service is a lost art.

I’ve been using Amazon Prime for probably five years and I always remember the awesome customer service—and above all: the communication from companies if/when something goes wrong. Keeping people informed goes a long way when it comes to serving your clients!

And I know just how important 5 star reviews are (a bad review can turn a potential client away in a heartbeat!).

I would love to know more about the position and am happy to share more about my background.

Thanks for your time.


Kristiina Craven

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