CCFM Cover Letter

Erica Smith
2320 Ralston Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46218

April 18, 2017

CCFM Staff:

I am interested in the position as Virtual Patient Care Coordinator because I have a passion for healthcare and I am pursuing a career path in the health field. During my undergraduate career I completed work as an athletic training aide with my school’s sports teams, as well as an internship with an outpatient rehabilitation facility. These opportunities deepened my understanding of and interest in the human body and care for the human body (including injuries, rehabilitation/strengthening, health disparities, etc.). I would love to work in an environment that equally values health and seeks means to improve overall physical, and consequently mental, well-being. Furthermore, the work-life balance provided by this position appeals to me. I am applying to a Masters of Public Health program that will commence in the fall. Having the ability to work virtually will give me the opportunity to obtain a stable job while completing coursework and maintaining a household.

I would be a great fit for the Virtual Patient Care Coordinator position because I am (1) detail-oriented; (2) I am an eager and quick learner; and (3) I have strong verbal and written communication skills. First, I have a keen attention to detail. While working with college athletes, I had to be very aware of various signs of injuries or potential hazards during practices and games. Within an office setting, I have also shown a great attention to detail in entering and reviewing specific numerical data while multitasking other administrative responsibilities. Also, I am an eager and quick learner, able to efficiently learn and use new software programs required for the position. I have successfully learned and used a range of job-specific programs from Rectrac to Workspeed to TherapySource. Lastly, I possess strong communication skills. As a Tenant Service Coordinator, I resolved tenant concerns via phone, email and online work requests for a large commercial property. I facilitated urgent and prompt communication between building management, staff and tenants for proper and timely completion of work, as well as resolutions to problems that may have arisen.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me if you have any additional questions. I hope to be invited for an interview and look forward to speaking with you soon.


Erica Smith
(317) 615-0192

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