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Cathy Moore – Hire My Mom

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Cathy Moore

Hi Cathy,

I’m very interested in your opportunity. While I currently have a full-time job, I’m looking for additional work of about 5 hours per week to help pay for my sons’ private school.

I’m currently a Quality Assurance Team Lead and Customer Service Pro for a social media automation software company. I have extensive experience using HelpScout and their knowledge base. I’m excellent at handling customer service, billing, and tech support issues. I’m familiar with WordPress, HTML, and am currently learning Ruby on Rails. I’m very detail oriented and am very quick to pick up new information.

My hours would be flexible, with the exception of needing to pick my children up from school at 3PM PT US (I am located in California), and a few meeting times throughout the week for my full-time job. I’m also excellent at written communication. The company I currently work for is entirely remote. We all work from home, which has taught me superb virtual communication and organization skills.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about myself for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

~Sarah Brown

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