Catalyst Cover Letter

Good morning Natalie,
After reviewing the editing role, I am highly confident I would be a great fit for client. I have a Masters in Marketing. A major role of my Masters was editing and proofreading for all of our group projects and papers.
One of my former roles was also for a tech company CheckSum LLC as a fixture project manager. In my last corporate role, I was a Customer Service Supervisor for the Customer Service team for XPO Logistics, Inc in partnership with Boeing where we were responsible for ensuring supplier needs were met for 75+ domestic and international suppliers. Of my team of 13 people, I assisted in proofreading and editing communication with our clients on a regular basis.
My highest level of professional satisfaction is achieved when I see my clients happy knowing that my contribution was key to their progress. I love knowing that I was an essential building block for my client’s (& employer’s) success. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,

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