Hiring Manager,
I am interested in the role of a Captioner in your organization. My educational background is in writing, editing, and journalism and have a solid understanding of the basics of grammar, usage and syntax.. I am proficient in English and Hindi and familiar with French. I use these cornerstones to create my own content or improve the writing of my clients.
My previous experience includes a gamut of fields such as advertising and marketing, educational assessment, pharmaceutical packaging, ophthalmological research, freelance editing and transcribing services.
In all my roles, I have managed and completed multiple activities of varying complexities and I am keen to continue doing that with your team. Some skills that have helped me in different roles have been the ability to adapt; function in a team; collaborate; clear communication, both verbal and written; and respecting different perspectives.
I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to demonstrate how I can incorporate my knowledge and skills along with fluent typing skills in this position.
Ruchika Indrayan

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