Briona Kelly’s cover letter

To Whom It May Concern :

I am writing to you today with regards to working for your company . As you will see on my resume, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in School Psychology. Presently, I am forced to now return to working from home given my responsibility as a single mother. I have found it extremely difficult to maintain both a full time job given the lack of flexibility, but also room to explore my innate and attained skills. I am very much familiar with independent contracting and working from home. Prior to work for a large MCO company located in Philadelphia, I worked as behavioral specialist for a behavioral health provider for over 3 years . I was fortunate enough to establish great lasting and trusting relationships with families and children . With that being said , my high level of empathy , listening skills , and overall need to want to help and extend my knowledge , has contributed to the overall resiliency and overall discharge of several of my past clients . I’m very diligent with paperwork and deadlines, and able to multi task very well . I tend to not job hop . In other words , if find work enjoyable and rewarding , I find myself there for a very long time . I am not assertive and or rude , therefore , your customers would find themselves comfortable with working with me . In addition to the aforementioned skills , I sense work that will allow relationships to be built but also great independence with overall work performance . Lastly , if hired , I would make my schedule open enough to allow for work to be completed rather efficient and excellent . I hope you have found what I have shared thus far insightful and I truly look forward to speaking with you further about this wonderful opportunity .

Sincerely ,
Briona D. Kelly , M.S.
(484) 343- 1352

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