Book Proofreader and Editor

Hi, Jonathan.
First, please note the Hire My Mom system might have sent the wrong cover letter and resume to you — it did something flaky when I was doing the “Apply Now” and seemed to send something, but I’m not sure what!
I’m extremely interested in the book proofreader and editor opportunity with Buzz Mountain. Not only does this job fit into the work I’ve primarily been doing the past couple of years editing and formatting book manuscripts, but also I have a 31+ year working history as a technical editor and writer.
I’d like to suggest that if you consider me for the position, you send me the first 2 -3 pages of a book chapter. That way I could provide you with a sample edit; it would also give me an opportunity to judge how much effort will be involved in the job so that we can agree upon a total cost. If selected to do the job, I’d prefer to get a portion of the payment upfront (we could discuss specifics at that time), with the rest upon completion.
I hope to hear from you soon to discuss this position further (334-546-8198 or Thanks.
Sincerely, Victoria Potter

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