Bobsled Marketing – Client Project Manager

August 10, 2016

Dear Kiri Masters,

I am very interested in the Marketing Project Manager position with Bobsled Marketing. My background includes launching Ulla Popken, the business I ran, on Amazon, One Stop Plus and Sonsi (other online marketplaces) so I have experience selling on Amazon.

The most important things you mentioned are things I always looked for in my team. I love measuring results and understanding consumer behavior. As you will see on my resume, I completed a course in January 2016 in grant writing and fundraising in order to ensure I was doing the best job possible for my part time position so I am very open to learning new skills. I am extremely organized. You will also see on my resume, I was able to manage the marketing department at Ulla Popken working only three days per week. When I chose to leave, my replacement needed to work full time and they hired me back simultaneously to consult part time to get the same amount of work done.

I left my job running Ulla Popken to take some time off, breath and reassess. I decided to work part time for a while in cause I love (educations and my children’s school). While this was fulfilling, I’m now ready to get back to work full time and believe this position is the perfect fit.

To be very candid, I hope my very senior previous positions do not discourage you from considering me for this position. I can supply references from Redeemer Classical Christian school who can attest to my commitment and work ethic even in a much lower part – time position. At this point in my life, enjoying the work I do is much more important than title or position. I also know I am a marketer and much prefer working in marketing to running a company.

As requested, I’m including the word café in my cover letter.

I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Phyliss Mosca

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