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Hi Caroline,

I’m know you have filled this position, but wanted to send along my information any way in case you need help with quick/temporary projects in the future (which is all that I’m interested in at this point with small children and why I didn’t apply originally, to be honest). As a marketing professional with a background in copy writing, copy editing, newsletter/promotional material publication and graphic design, my skills look to be a good fit for what you are looking for. I have also used WordPress both on a professional and personal level over the years and have a passion for health and nutrition. I looked through your website and love the recipes you have posted – Fish on Fleek is now on the meal plan here for next week! Please refer to my resume if you would like to find out more about my work experience and feel free to contact me in the future about any projects you need assistance with.

Thank you,
Courtney Vonnahme

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