Beth Garrison- Impossible CL

Dear Mr. Joel Runyon,
Hello! My name is Beth Garrison and I’d like to apply for your Executive/Administrative/Virtual Assistant position you have posted on You asked for a few special requests that I’d like to start with. First, hands down, Captain America is the coolest superhero. He’s got a good heart, he’s old school, and still kicks some butt whenever he needs to. My favorite type of movies are action or comedy. I love Adam Sandler and will watch any of his movies over and over again. Currently my favorite movies of his are Grownups 2, That’s My Boy, and Blended. I am excited to watch his new one on Netflix with Chris Rock too. I also love movies like Central Intelligence, The Avengers movies, Step Brothers, Daddy’s Home and really anything. I’m not picky. My favorite outdoor activity is water sports and boating. I grew up in a family of boaters and really enjoy tubing and skiing. Off the water, I love a good softball or volleyball game.
I am currently a 2nd-Grade teacher in Hoopeston, IL. I have just recently put in my letter of resignation and I am looking to work from home to support my family while taking care of our children. I’m looking for a position where I can be helpful to a business owner like yourself and be of assistance to you to make your job easier. One thing that caught my attention on your website (other than that it is huge and noticed you have several business endeavors) is that you do a lot of charity work with schools. Being a teacher, this hits home for me. I am passionate about teaching and it was an extremely hard decision to leave my job, so being able to assist you in helping children all over the world would be a fulfilling role for me. I tried to browse your website and there was a lot to get through, but I did visit your labs page. I saw on it that you have a link for rooftop bars. I was browsing that and it brought back some memories. I have actually been to the rooftop bar in the picture on the Singapore link. It was amazing!
I noticed on’s profile that you are a Chicago-based company, but do work during EST. I live a little over an hour from Chicago and so would not only be able to do this job remotely, but I could also do face-to-face when or if it is needed. I have the passion of a teacher with the work ethic of a laborer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, a Master’s in teaching, and grew up on a farm so I know how to be detail oriented, work hard, smart, and quickly if needed.
I hope you got a little glimpse of my personality through this introduction. My technical qualifications are all listed in my resume. I would love to speak with you in further detail about this position and why I believe I would be a great fit. I pay close attention to detail, have experience in managing 30 7-year-olds and keeping them on schedule, and I am quick and motivated to learn new things. I hope we get to know each other better and I will be able to work for you in the future.

Beth Garrison

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