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To Whom It May Concern,
Hello! My name is Beth Garrison and I’d like to apply for your Marketing Assistant position. I graduated from Bradley University in May of 2010, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Sales-Marketing. I then continued my education at Olivet Nazarene University and earned a Masters in Teaching in May of 2013. I recently resigned teaching 2nd-Grade in order to best provide for my family at home. I would still love to stay busy and to use my expertise of marketing and sales to help you with your marketing research needs. I have a lot of different experiences in marketing. I have done every aspect of sales there is (acquiring customers, retaining customers, cold calls, sales meetings, sales, follow-ups), manage current and potential clients, set-up events, used Facebook campaigns, updated websites, worked with CRM software, and many other things. I am passionate about talking to people and building relationships with customers and helping with their every need.
To answer some of your questions, I use Facebook and Snapchat daily. I do have an Instagram account, but I don’t use it as much since I’m an avid Facebooker. I have used several different forms of technology. Being a teacher, I worked with all kinds of technology from chromebooks to SMARTBoards to AppleTV’s. I can adapt to whatever type of technology I need to use easily. My favorite type of technology though I would have to say is your everyday Smart Phone, laptop, or iPad. I can pretty much do anything I need to do on any of those items. I did LOVE my SMARTBoard, but unless I’m teaching or presenting something, there is not a huge need for it in my house. Prior to my teaching career, I worked as a sales rep for Cintas and often had to use the phone. I also spoke to parents whenever needed, so I don’t mind using the phone and can easily portray my upbeat attitude through it. I love to have fun and am a very energetic person. I loved everything about my teaching job. I wouldn’t say that I had a lot of low points. When I worked at Cintas, my low point was probably cold calling. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I did it any way with a positive attitude. I would have to say my high point was building relationships. You mentioned in your posting that you wanted someone who was experienced in Google Apps. I use them daily and know how to collaborate with teammates using Sheets, Docs, etc.
I am an independent person who likes to figure things out on my own. With that being said though, I’m also not afraid to ask for help. If there is something I don’t understand, I figure out who to talk to in order to work it out. I take criticism well and use it to better myself. I can catch on to things quickly. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and would be able to start immediately. I would like to discuss in further detail how my qualifications and personality would be a benefit to you. I can be reached at or 815-545-7720. I would also be glad to provide you with a list of references if you would like. Thank you for your consideration and time looking at my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.
Beth Garrison

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