Beth Garrison CL- Crystal Marketing Solutions

Good Afternoon!
My name is Beth Garrison, and I wanted to apply for your Content Coordinator position. I found this position on Hire My Mom and was very eager to apply.

To answer your questions from the application, I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for this position because I’m a go-getter. I will be honest, I have not ever been a social media coordinator, but I’m on social media every day. I have ran Facebook campaigns, used it to advertise groups, search for specific groups, businesses etc. I have used Instagram to research businesses as well as personal use and am an avid SnapChat user . I have taught myself numerous different software applications. For example, I completely taught myself how to use WordPress and created a website, I was sent to trainings at my previous job to learn new software because I can pick up on things easily and am tech savvy. I may not be the most proficient person right now in the software that you mentioned in the application, but I PROMISE you I will learn and become proficient quickly!

You also asked about compensation. I’m willing to work to prove myself to grow with the company and salary. I would be happy with $15 per hour while I’m learning. I would love to set goals though to work my way up to a higher pay rate as well as more responsibilities as you see fit.

I do know and have collaborated on most Google Apps. I have used the majority of Google software in my personal and professional life. I find it to be the easiest way to collaborate and enjoy using it. I do know Google Sheets very well due to my training in Excel transferring over. I am a teacher and a marketing professional, so editing and details are second nature to me. I take critiquing well and use it in order to better myself. I’m always striving to learn and try new things. I’m a highly energetic person, team player, perfectionist, and a fast learner. I would LOVE to put all of my skills to your company and learn everything you need in order to be a perfect content coordinator for you!

I hope you find the information I gave you to be a good fit and decide to go further in the interview process with me. I promise you that I will go above and beyond to be the best content coordinator I can be!
Thank you again,
Beth Garrison

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