BestPlannerEver & JenniferDawnCoaching

October 1, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

I am reaching out about the position you’re seeking to fill for your companies.

Currently I am working as an independent contractor in another space and am seeking additional part time work. I was intrigued by the Marketing/PR seek because that’s the space I’m currently working in, for a fashion brand. I just jumped on your websites and they’re great – they draw the reader in to learn more and I’ll admit, I’m very intrigued by your background, career and what you’ve built.

Bit of background on me … I have had a varied career and I’m an incredibly fast learner, quick on my feet, curious and passionate. I’ve worked in Sales as well as Marketing/PR & Business Development (various industries). I’m a solid attention-to-details person. The core of my work history, regardless of industry, is my ability to develop, foster, build strong relationships. And I am a big believer in follow through in all aspects of business.

Hope to connect to discuss possibilities of bringing my skills to your team.


Lisa Giuntoli

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