Benefit Queen

Madelyn Plummer
3601 West Broadway Apt 7204
Columbia, Mo 65203

December 31, 2018,
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter to apply for the urgent data entry position at Benefit Queen. I do see the project was to be completed by this past weekend, however if there is still a need for this project or future projects, I would love to be considered for the opportunity. I want to work for a company that puts the customer first and strives to empower them as a consumer. It is obvious that Benefit Queen does that. It is obvious that Benefit Queen knows the challenges their customers face today and offers the solution through education and empowerment. I have worked with many customers through insurance, advising them on how the living benefits within life insurance can be a great asset to them financially. The fact that this is a focus at Benefit Queen is parallel to my own beliefs.
The data entry position at Benefit Queen requires, but not limited to: excellent organizational skills, knowledge of Excel, and attention to detail. Through my prior work experience, I have developed the ability to stay organized while multitasking and thoroughly recording data to maximize profitability for myself and the company. I believe these skills qualify me for the position at Benefit Queen and that I would be an asset to the company.
Madelyn Plummer

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