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Bayou City Outdoors – Hire My Mom

Bayou City Outdoors

Hi Suzan,

As a project manager and virtual assistant with over 7 years of experience, I was really excited to see the your call for a customer service position. I love working with dynamic teams, and when I took a closer look at your company, I think that we could do amazing things together.

I’ve lived in Houston (Clear Lake) for more than 6 years, and my husband and I love to get outside. I know that I’m a bit late in applying, but I’m really, really hoping that you still need me!

I have successfully managed multiple online projects from start to finish-including customer care, attracting new leads via Facebook ads and website opt ins, nurturing leads until we can launch a sales sequence or campaign, and providing an excellent onboarding experience. I have worked with JV partners, managers, promotional teams, etc.

I love a challenge, and have proven my ability to deliver positive results. I would be thrilled to further discuss the possibility of doing the same for you. While I am currently self employed, I have a home office set up and would love a chance to speak with you.


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Bayou City Outdoors

January 1, 2017

Dear Ms. Howard,

Your Virtual Assistant position is of interest to me. Bayou City Outdoors looks like a wonderful opportunity for the Houston residents to connect with other individuals with similar interests.

My professional history includes positions as a Human Resource professional as well as a Residential Realtor. As a Realtor it is important to stay organized and prepared to assist clients with every step of the buying and selling process and to be able to communicate effectively. I am a self starter that is outgoing and detail-oriented.

If you are looking for someone with a professional demeanor and strong organization and communication skills to join your team, I’m the one! I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this position in more detail.

Sheila O’Ben

1955 Cascades Cove Drive
Orlando, Florida 32820

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