Hello, Kelly Underdahl,

My name is Ashley Alexander, and I am very interested in the virtual assistant job you’ve posted on! I would love to use my skills and experience to help with all the tasks and projects that you have, and I would be thrilled to be a part of your team of moms and to help your company thrive.

I am extremely driven and self-motivated. I have worked full-time office positions for almost 10 years, and in 2014 I received my Bachelor’s degree in International Business in French. I am extremely business minded (accounting, information systems, business communications, etc.) and also very creative (design, writing, and the combination thereof). Currently I am a technical writer and systems analyst at Texas Instruments, but I am actually working to find a long-term position to work from home.

Over the past year at Texas Instruments, I have worked alongside my virtual team in California to serve clients worldwide. I have strictly communicated with my coworkers and clients over the phone and via email, and would occasionally attend or host virtual meetings using screen-sharing software. I love to help people, and I aim to anticipate peoples’ needs and cater to those needs with excellent, genuine customer service. My team lead would love to be a professional and character reference, if desired.

I have excellent technical skills, which started with document creation and led to teaching myself graphic and web design. While working in office positions, I taught myself how to code macros using VBA in Microsoft Excel in order to automate and expedite tasks at work — a skill that was fun for me, which I was able to use to benefit several companies. (I LOVE Excel!) I learn new programs extremely quickly, and I strive to make processes more efficient where I can. I proofread as I write (and then review several times), and I ensure that anything I produce is perfect (to me) in respect to content and design. I also have learned (the hard way) that technology is not always the most reliable thing, and I moved everything solely to cloud storage — Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive have absolutely saved my life and made my technical world SO much easier!!

I hope to be considered for this incredible opportunity! You can reach me at the phone number or email below.

Thank you so much for your time!

Ashley Alexander

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