Astrid Kihl

March 2nd, 2018

To Whom it May Concern,

Sharon Johnson worked for Phaiser as a Support Team member for 7 months. This is a virtual remote team that deals with a large volume of customer support tickets (average 1500 tickets per week).

She was an incredible addition to the team. She consistently responded to the highest number of tickets per day, and did so with care and attention to detail. Not only that, she LOVED the work she was doing and was often asking for more.

Sharon had a great rapport with the customers, putting them at ease with her words, in all situations. Sharon always kept an eye on the company vision and goals, and was able to provide that perfect balance between “the customer is always right”… AND… “what is best for the business?”.

Sharon worked with Xsellco, Slack, Google sheets and docs, online chat app and Amazon Seller Central..

She will be sorely missed over here, and I highly recommend her as a future employee in any customer service position.


Astrid Kihl
Phaiser Operations Manager

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