Ashlie Woods/Wildhearted Retreats

Dear Ashlie

Your job post caught my attention. I just updated my resume and am resending an application for this job.

What called me to take a second bite at this job is your statement, “I run a retreat-based business that helps people to get out of their heads and listen to the wisdom of their hearts.”

I am a coach and author in addition to my Virtual work. We all have many sides to us and need to feed them all.

I think that the part of me that listens to my internal guidance in my heart above all felt that I cannot miss opportunities that sing to me. Life was meant to live with passion, and I get the sense we have this in common.

Honestly, I’m selective about who I choose to work with, and you are someone who I think will be more of a partner in co-creating a world of awake empowered people. This partnership excites me enough to reach out again.

I love all creative aspects of VA work and have become extremely knowledgeable about marketing especially on social media.

Maria Elena Escobar

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