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I would be a perfect fit for this role. I am highly organized and always ensure that I complete open projects by the assigned deadline. I am new to the freelance world. My prior experience is within the corporate world where one of my main task was to handle project management for Boeing projects. I primarily worked in Microsoft Project & Excel. I am highly skilled in Microsoft Excel. I am comfortable with pivot tables, vlookups, and other formulas that would easily organize the data I enter for the project.

I also am very familiar with proofreading as I did this on a daily basis through the duration of my Masters program. I am comfortable with social media management via the main outlets i.e. Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. My top priority is to ensure a high level of client satisfaction. I am highly dependable. I am more than qualified for this position and can ensure you completion of the project at 100% accuracy by the assigned deadline.

Kind Regards,
Amy Tofaute

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