Annie Wilson Manuscript

Dear Ms. Wilson:
I am happy to be applying for the editing position you have available through It seems to be a perfect fit from my perspective and I hope it will be from yours as well. These are the reasons why:

My background includes growing up in a small town in Iowa. My father owned a printing business and from the time I was very young, my dad would bring newspaper copy home for my mom and me to proofread. My mother had been a country school teacher and she was very particular about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I learned a great deal from the hands-on proofreading we did.

In addition, you can see from my resume that I worked in secretarial and administrative assistant positions for many years and editing was always a part of those positions. (I also proofread my daughter’s Art History dissertation which was really difficult!)

The final reason I believe this is a good fit is that I am a retired social worker. I really love people and want to help them in whatever ways I can. In looking at your website, it appears you have those same qualities.

Although I am not a book editor, I’m pretty good! Give me a trial time and let’s see how you feel. Thank you.

Marti Elston

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