Amazing customer service rep from Geneva, IL

Dear Jeff,
I am the person you are looking for. As you can see by my resume, I have extensive customer/patient service experience. I am an excellent communicator and problem solver. The surgeon with whom I worked with for the past five years recently retired and I decided my career in medicine would retire with her. I am ready for a new challenge and change of pace, and this Customer Service job description fits my skill set and lifestyle perfectly.
The information I have not included in my resume is the many years of retail that I worked when I was raising my children. I have worked for Nordic Trak, L’Occitane, Ann Taylor Loft and J. Crew over the past 20+ years. I am polite and courteous and know how to assess a situation in order to assure a positive outcome.
I am extremely focused, organized and detail oriented. I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to problems that seem insurmountable to others.
I would like to point out that I did thoroughly read the job description and the word “red” was used incorrectly. I look forward to the next step in this process. I hope to speak with you in the near future.
Mary Frankenthal

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