Alldridge, Virtual Assistant

Dear Hiring Manager,

As you look over my resume you will find that I do not have experience as a virtual assistant and may be asking yourself why am I applying for this job? That is an excellent question. I am applying to be an assistant because that is what I like doing. I am one of those people who make lists and find the task of organizing and planning to be enjoyable. I have amazing time-management skills and I’m very comfortable working with the computer.

The experience I do have is as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which basically means I am a mental health therapist. How does help me be a great assistant? Well, for starters it means that I am smart. I have been to graduate school and obtained a Masters degree. As a therapist I am constantly talking with a diverse population of people, helping them to be the best versions of themselves. I frequently use the phone and I am responsible for keeping meticulous paperwork.

I am asking that as you read through my resume and application that you take a chance on me as a good fit for your company. I am making a switch in my career because at this point I am looking to help people in a different way. I genuinely like making a difference and helping. I work very hard and I work efficiently. I will be a great addition to your team if I am allowed the opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to answering any questions you may have and discussing future employment opportunities.

Warmest Regards,

Jennifer Alldridge

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