Akel Cover Letter

Kristen Carlton
2216 Baltic Ave, Apt. B
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

June 14, 2017

Dear Ms. Akel,

I am applying for the Virtual Assistant and Project Manager position you listed on HireMyMom.com. I believe that I would be a great candidate for this position, and an excellent addition to your business.

I have worked as a Virtual Assistant for a few years now, doing several different types of work. This is important as it shows I know how to communicate with an employer without face-to-face interaction.

I feel as though I have lots of valuable skills that would make me an asset to you. I am a very organized person, and extremely detail-oriented. I love my daily to-do lists and enjoy accomplishing them in a timely manner. I am able to multi-task well, and I’m not overwhelmed easily. I am confident I could complete any task you sent my way quickly and easily.

I would greatly value the opportunity to grow alongside your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kristen Carlton

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