Administrative, Customer Service & Sales Specialist

Dear to whom this may concern:

I am applying for the Administrative, Customer Service and Sales position that contributes to your business and believe my proficiency in English and Russian, combined with my education and work experience would serve the interests of your office. I am conscientious; detail-oriented and work well with others. As a Medicaid specialist, I was responsible for the management of healthcare information and billing queries. During my customer service years, I have handled a wide variety of clientele.

I am proficient with Excel and MS Word. I am familiar with Access, Power Point, Publisher, QuickBooks, and WordPress program and type 55 WPM. In earning my Associates degree, the coursework focused upon basics such as Fundamentals of Accounting and Human Resources Management, but also addressed the complexities of business and workplace law. Ethical behavior was also regularly stressed which continues to influence my decision making and choices in a business workplace. I am a self-starter and possess excellent communication and organizational skills.

At Oregon Health Authority and Public Health Division, I processed applications and answered questions to clients following Federal Laws, Oregon Revised Statues (ORS), Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR), and OHA policies and procedures. I regularly attended monthly staff meetings and have taken meeting minutes. I ensure high accuracy of my work as it relates to patients, law enforcement, professionals, (attorneys, physicians, and other staff). At my current employment at FS Medical Technology, I review, modify and use formulas to format a wide variety of hospital inspection documentations on Excel to sell services to chief engineers working for clinics and hospitals.

Thank you for considering my application, as I am pleased to share my experience and expertise with your organization. I am also happy to acquire new skills as an Administrative, Customer Service, and Sales Specialist. Please see further details of me at


Aliya Matveyev

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