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Dear Gabe Arnold:

As an Administrative Assistant, I have helped many clients by successfully completing day-to-day tasks, reducing their workload and stress. My background includes:

• Working as a consultant for two vice-presidents of a Fortune 500 company. Was responsible for scheduling and delivering support training for their staff. Also served as staff writer for development-related documents.
• Serving as a supervisor in a customer service unit for a large company. Handled escalated calls and developed customer communications.
• Successfully balancing the demands of my clients, helping them achieve their business goals while removing much of the stress from them.

I would love to work with your brand—to bring my passion and excitement to the work I do. Some key strengths I possess for success in this position include:

• Strong organizational (I LOVE checklists!) and time management skills. I’ve even taught classes on these topics at a Fortune 500 company.
• Ability to multi-task and effectively lead projects.
• Efficient in Google docs and WordPress, utilizing these daily for clients.
• Strong commitment to ensuring priority items get completed in a timely manner by effectively following systems in place or by helping to create new systems that save time.
• Ability to serve as the point person to manage and protect your time, helping to maintain efficiency and relieve undue stress.
• Ability to anticipate potential challenges and problems, offering suggestions to create positive results.
• Commitment to completing assigned tasks promptly and initiating any additional tasks to progress the team forward.

Thank you for your consideration. My complete resume is included. I am confident that with my experience, I will add value as a team member with Business Marketing Engine. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roz Walker

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