Hi Alyson,

My name is Kristen Stipe and I was very excited to read the job description for a customer service / administrative assistant that was posted on I am such a great fit for this job! Here are a few reasons that demonstrate how I would be an asset to The Admin Initiative:

1. I’m an experienced professional with a range of work history that includes office management, vendor relationships, customer relations, and team building. I’m capable of doing any type of administrative work necessary, but I’m most excited about the opportunity to do various types of tasks and fill in gaps as they are identified. I welcome the chance to be part of a growing company to support executives with the goal of improving efficiency and productivity.

2. I understand the importance of effective leadership and setting high expectations for success while remaining open, flexible, and supportive. I love collaborating as part of a team while at the same time I’m very self-directed, enjoy working independently, and pride myself on meeting deadlines. I live in California so am in PST, but I am up every morning at 5:30am for some quiet, focused work before I need to get kids to school.

3. I possess all the qualifications that you have identified, including being familiar with Google Suite, the ability and desire to commit to long-term relationships, and the willingness to learn whatever necessary to meet expectations and fulfill obligations.

As you’ll see on the attached resume, I worked at Apple for 7 years (2 years remotely) on their Retail Development team, playing an integral role in establishing vendor relationships and sourcing strategies, being the main communication/marketing contact for internal departments and outside inquiries, and developing the personnel structure for our department as it grew. The opportunity to be a part of the department from the beginning (prior to opening any retail stores) allowed me to do everything from supporting project managers to hiring and managing project coordinators to creating presentations for the executive team. These varied experiences led me to building a reputation for finding solutions, effectively communicating expectations, and motivating others to believe in their abilities to achieve those expectations.

Since leaving Apple, I’ve written articles for The Language Educator and have been very involved in my kids’ school as a board member for the PTA planning and executing projects and events. My combination of relationship and listening skills, ability to communicate effectively, attention to detail, and willingness to learn would be a great fit for your administrative needs.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Kristen Stipe

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