Adepic Media – Cover Letter

Hi Pedro!

Upon reviewing your posting for a Virtual Assistant, I was eager to send in my application. I’m excited to see a job post from a fellow Canadian and I am sending in my application from Toronto.

As someone who sees herself as an entrepreneur as well, I see to it that I am constantly working on myself and developing the necessary skill set to be useful in the marketplace. With my experience as a virtual assistant, I helped clients strengthen their online presence through product launches, customer relations, sales support, and market research. Because learning and online business is a personal interest of mine, the skills I’ve developed over time has now become second nature to me.

I like keeping things organized because I believe tidiness is a reflection of professionalism and effectiveness.

You can rely on me when it comes to prospect researching and other things that can provide you with a competitive advantage.

I know how to read and record data from analytics and have the working mind in understanding what improvements can be done.

Although I am passionate about working online, one thing I absolutely enjoy is dealing with people. I am driven to serve customers with the best satisfaction in order to protect the company’s reputation, increase the referral rate and repeat buyers.

I am skilled when it comes to social media management whether that means creating and scheduling content, or optimization for better engagement rate.

I also enjoy translating visions into strategies. When it comes to your services, your clients are the company’s special projects. With this in mind, thoughtful and efficient client management is something I would be happy to take care of.

My main motivation will be to bring the team vision forward which means I will be working diligently on the business as if it were my own.

Thank you so much for your consideration.


Patricia Refuerzo

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