Hi Ma’am/Sir,

Thank for reading my cover letter and resume. I have over 15 years in various business and education related work. I have worked as an executive accountant straight out of college due to being superior in accounting. However, I had already been a tutor since 2000, when I finished my degrees in accounting. With this, I founded a tutoring company I continue to manage in Houston. I am the CEO with duties of human resource, accounting, education, advising, advertising and other multi-talented areas in running my business. I have a published book from when I was in undergraduate school due to my talent to both be creative and to write in a descriptive way that catches many eyes. Please look at my resume and notice the 4 national recognitions I have through my early part of my career when I was still in my 20’s. As early as I received recognition and started as an executive, it is evident that I have many talents at high levels. Thanks for your time. I look forward to talking to you more.

Jennifer Whitaker, CEO
832-876-4400 Cell

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