Accountant / Book Keeper

Cindy Xiong
230 Flores CT Apt 52 Oceanside, CA, 92058 | (715) 393-5039 |

Erin Nelson
Accountant/Book Keeper
Kindred Bravely
4015 Avenida de la Plata. Suite 401
Oceanside, CA 92056

Dear Erin Nelson :
I am writing to you to express my interest in the position Accountant/Book Keeper position I have found on My name is Cindy Xiong, and I am a military spouse stationed on Camp Pendleton. I am a mother two children. I am currently going to school for my Associate Accounting degree at Northcentral Technical College. I strive to achieve my goals and make ways to have fun while facing challenges. Why I am interested in working for Kindred Bravely is because I love to have fun while achieving goals, being able to help make difference’s in mom’s lives/people’s lives, and best of all being part of an amazing team. Some of my experiences are invoices, Quick Books, and billing. The past experience I had done was billing and correct invoices that are entered into Quick Books. Also, I am attending college to enhance my knowledge and taking courses to learn new materials. Although, I still have lots to learn it does not stop me from pursuing my dream. I am a fast learner and always ready to take on new challenges. I am a self-starter, organized person, and goal getter. I know I will be a perfect fit for this position because I love being creative, helping others, and achieving goals. I look forward to hearing from the company and best luck in your search for a good candidate.


Cindy Xiong

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