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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rhodes Waite
98 Squared, LLC
Asheville, NC

Hello Rhodes,

I am applying to the Administrative/Virtual Assistant position posted on Hire My Mom. My apologies for sending two resumes, I accidentally hit “apply” before adding a cover letter.

The position would be a very nice fit because my first position from Hire My Mom was very similar, Virtual Assistant with Black Spectacles, LLC.

My experience with Black Spectacles, LLC has been one of the most gratifying in my work career. I began as a Virtual Assistant to the founder/ owner and this position grew to a full-time Operations Manager with the company. I was the first person hired and helped grow the business for three years. Marc (Teer, founder/owner) would describe my work as the “heart and soul” of Black Spectacles.

The customer service portion of this job kept me “on call” 24/7 and I did respond to customer needs on weekends and evenings as necessary, primarily using Zendesk. We also used Slack as a team, which I found to be a terrific tool. Trello was used as we began building internal tracking systems from the Excel spreadsheets we initially started with. MailChimp was our first platform for marketing automations and I used that until we hired a marketing person who took it over and moved us to ActiveCampaign.

Initially, I spent a lot of time tracking customers, revenue, sales and monthly projections in Excel. I also was in charge of shipping free T-shirts to survey respondents and managing that list in Excel. There were many other tasks I handled as well and would be happy to discuss with you if given the opportunity.

On a final note, I have a fabulous sense of humor and my attention to detail is quite solid. I noticed several spelling errors in the job posting and for the record, my OCD is killing me to not acknowledge and want to fix. ☺

I hope to have the chance to speak further about the position and how it can be a mutual fit for 98 Squared and me.


Autumn Burns (630) 248-1496

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