16 Years Work Remotely Experience

To whom it may concern:

I am currently seeking a new and challenging, work from home position in a challenging environment. I am eager and willing to learn any new skills that may be required. I am a team player, self-motivated and confident in my ability to contribute to continuous growth and success. I am discipline and can work effectively in a non-supervised work environment. I am a result-oriented individual who thrives on the challenge of continuous self-improvement and possess excellent communication skills, verbally and literally.

I have worked successfully in work from home positions in the past, including when I was a Vendor Manager at RBC Royal Bank and as a contract worker within the financial industries. With this experience, I am excellent at problem solving. My knowledge of a wide variety of computer programs allows me to easily take on nearly any task I am assigned. I am a quick study and welcome challenges and am excellent at completing assignments on time and with accuracy

As you can see by my enclosed profile, I possess a variety of skills that are an asset to this position. I am also ready to begin work, as I have a complete office set up with no distractions. No matter where I’ve been, I’ve produced topnotch work because I’m dedicated to making sure each and every piece of work that crosses my desk, stands out. My previous work experience makes me an ideal candidate.

I look forward to further discussing how my skills could be of value to you and your team.

Yours truly,

Gail A. Henry

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