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There’s a New Breed of Women Professionals Out There.
They are Experienced. They are Talented. They are Motivated.
They are women on a mission to redefine their career path.

This new generation of women professionals is opting to leave corporate America for a more flexible work environment. No longer does having a career force these women to sacrifice their family time. Nor does it mean sacrificing their career to have a family. They simply want to continue their professional pursuits in a more flexible environment. enables these professionals to market their skills, experience and education to businesses needing to outsource work. Businesses need reliable, motivated, cost-friendly help. And these Professionals are eager to prove their talent and skills.

Why Use

Once you discover the ease of contracting work and projects to our Mom Professionals, you WILL BE HOOKED! And there's never a fee to post projects or jobs. Why pay more for the same work done in a corporate building that you can have done from a professional’s home office?

Hire My Mom Professionals are talented, experienced professionals in a variety of fields including: administrative, research, writing, graphic design, editing, accounting, web design, customer service, virtual assisting, coaching, sales, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, legal, desktop publishing, creative arts, medical billing, ecommerce, strategic planning, database development, payroll, human resources, etc.

Studies have proven that a person’s productivity goes up when given the opportunity to work from home. These professionals want satisfied and pleased clients. They know nothing is better than word of mouth referrals.

What’s in it for Client:

  • Your project or job query is emailed instantly to our entire list of talented professionals.
  • It costs you nothing. Our clients never pay a fee.
  • You save time by sending out one query that goes out to multiple candidates.
  • You interview, evaluate and decide which candidate is best suited for your project. We provide the candidates. You provide the work. We get out of the way.
  • We aim to please! We welcome feedback from clients who have used our professionals. The integrity of our company depends on the reliability and top performance of each of our candidates. We want to ensure our clients are satisfied.
  • You have nothing to lose. Give it a try!
  • Take a look below at the testimonials from happy business owners.

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What Businesses are Saying about

"You've done it again! I posted a position and within 24 hours I had several quality applicants including someone who was perfect for the job! I've just welcomed a new writer to my team. I previously hired a web developer through the site: she has been a joy to work with and has been an integral part of my team for well over a year. I am totally thrilled with and the quality of its Members. This is my go-to place for building my virtual team of talented, work-from-home Moms! Thank you for providing such a brilliant and easy to use service." - Jacki, Dental Web Strategies

"Thank you so much for this service. I posted my project late Sunday evening and by 10:00 am the next day, I had several very qualified candidates. It's a load off of mind to know that I can find qualified professional female candidates for my firm. I will be posting for another position shortly and I know just where to come. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Catina Downey-Stroble, CPA, LLC

"The professional quality of the Mom Professionals are amazing. Thank you for your network." Maria Sanchez, Luxury Registry

"I want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. I have received numerous inquiries to my available position, and I actually found two candidates who will be working for me, one actually started today. I am planning on bringing the second person on by the end of the month. I will certainly be recommending your service to my colleagues, and I will be back should I need further help in the future." Thanks again, Rhonda Burgess

"I wanted to tell you how wonderfully your site has worked for us. We posted our current job opening on your site and within a week had several qualified people respond AND have decided to hire 2 as opposed to one!! Additionally, I was looking for a logo designer for another endeavor and again. within a week I had many seriously talented people respond and have made a selection there as well! LOVE YOUR SITE!! I have not seen any better for home office based TRULY PROFESSIONAL talent." Kathlene Kuykindoll MA, CEO, BullZeye, Inc

"I posted an ad for someone to update my website. I got about several responses and literally couldn't choose; there were so many awesome people to choose from. I did finally make my decision and think it will be a great working relationship. Your company is an awesome idea and I'm telling everyone about it." Dawn Royster

"When it came time to hire contractors to supplement our in-house quality assurance team, we turned to to find candidates who were interested in offsite work and non-traditional working hours. We were elated with the response! The quality and collective experience of the applicants was impressive. After conducting several phone interviews, we hired two very capable moms who are currently training with us and preparing to take over QA duties for the contract positions posted on our site." Lauren M., Quality Assurance Analyst,

"I will absolutely tell everyone I can about your site." Donna D.

"What a super service! I know your new site will be a success. Thank you!" Kristina C.

"You came up with the right web site to launch. I know you will be successful and that is saying a lot in the saturated world wide web market! I have already gotten great response. Thanks so much." Bonnie S.

"Three days ago, we posted a job opportunity for a Link Exchange Specialist. We received 16 inquiries of interested parties, starting within hours of the posted request, and have hired one of them. Thank you! A competing site took over two weeks to approve my posting, which made me even more impressed with your quick response." Dave H.

"The response to my inquiry has been excellent! The women have been incredibly qualified and those with whom I have spoken to are just wonderful." Theresa F.

"I placed my ad with yesterday afternoon, and by 9 a.m. this morning I had resumes from four qualified candidates. Very impressive!" Susan M.

"We filled our position! The response was tremendous with well over 12 qualified candidates. The person we hired knows more than I could ever have imagined about both Quickbooks and how to handle this need we have virtually without one hiccup! Thanks Lesley and HireMyMom - you have really made our Boca Beth lives easier!" Boca Beth, Boca Beth

"I have filled our first position! I think your site is fantastic! I am starting a business developing products for new moms and would ideally like to hire as many part time new moms as possible. I strongly believe that just because we get pregnant, have babies, and choose to stay at home full or part time, it does not mean our intelligence disappears. We are still just as smart, quick, focused and capable as we were before pooh, pureed food and play-doh came along. With our new virtual world and your new si" Lucy, CEO, Glow Beverages

"Thank you. Your web site is wonderful - we received a ton of qualified people. Thanks!!" Tammy S.

"Since Fall 2007, I've been seeking a freelance graphics designer to help me with several ongoing projects for my medical practice. I tried everything – asking other vendors, searching the internet, posting jobs on other sites, etc. to no avail. My assistant happened upon your website and I posted the job. Within 24 hours of having my posting approved, I began receiving e-mails from many obviously talented, very highly qualified people. In fact, it was extremely difficult to make a decision with all of" Patricia H. David MD MSPH, Healthy U, LLC

"I wasn't sure if a small spreadsheet/data base entry request was going to get any attention at all... Boy were we wrong! - Rebecca, one of your Hire My Mom VA's, not only grabbed the opportunity to complete this task professionally, but her turnaround time was very timely with flawless communications. Thanks HMM! You're in our address file for our very next project! " Michael J. Lofton,

"I posted an opening about two weeks ago and received a GREAT response from Stay-at-Home professional Moms. Resume after resume were of high quality candidates with impressive qualities." Kenny Gilder

"Just wanted you to know that your site is very effective. I recommend it everywhere I go. Thank you." Walter R. Wofford


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"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! We have had so much success finding incredible talent from your site -- wow! We won't use any other source now for key positions. I recommended your site to a colleague at Toastmasters and she says that she found "The best virtual assistant EVER!" and has been thanking me for weeks for recommending Hire My Mom. But the thanks goes to YOU and all of the incredible moms!"

Christine O'Kelly
Online PR Media


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I submitted my request for a Web Guru to HireMyMom and I have to admit, I was blown away with the response. The quality of the applicants far exceeded my wildest expectations! It is very apparent that each applicant is highly qualified for my project. I am very excited to be working with such talented professionals. I am spreading the word to my business associates. is a real wealth of professional talent."

Teri Hurley
Blue Moon Travel


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